Pawsomebox August 2017

Keep your dog active and happy through the summer months with our box full of fantastic products!
 This box will drive your dog bonkers!

Bird Ball Toy

Your dogs new favourite toy! 

Trixie Grilled Chicken Meat

Delicious grilled chicken meat is an ideal treat for your dog.

Moments Apple Treats

Irresistible sweet treats for your dog ! 

Biogance Cleansing Wipes

Suitable for the entire coat and sensitive areas such as the contour of the eyes...

Sandle Chew Toy

Keep your dogs teeth strong and healthy! 

Pork Shop Chew Sticks

All natural, high protien chew sticks! 

Durable Chewy Tug Rope

Great for your dog to sink its teeth into!

Purple Dinosaur Squeeky Toy

Perfect addition to your dogs toy collection!

Leaps & Bounds Chicken Snack Sticks

Perfect for training, rewarding or even just as a treat!

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