Pawsomebox December 2017

There it is, it's finally Christmas time ! Lets get started with nice warm log fires, festive dinners between loved ones, but most of all, it's the season of gifts ! And our doggies are spoiled too !
Discover this selection of our favorite products : a choice of different products amoungst our December assortment. Let's go !

Biogance Cleansing Wipes

These cleansing wipes are perfect for cleaning sensitive areas !

Christmas Plush Trio

Adorable Christmas trio to cuddle without moderation !

Soft Blanket

Ideal for napping time !

Candy Cane Plush

A soft Christmas candy cane plush for our gourmet doggies !

Ham Bone

Tasty and high in protein !

Reindeer Treats

Delicious festive treats to spoil your pup for Christmas !

Alfie's Diner - Salmon Treats

Wummy treats containing all the right ingredients !

Squeaky Snowman

A perfect addition to your pup's toy collection !

Brussel Sprouts Treats

Delicious Cupid & Comet Brussel sprouts festive treats for your dog !

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