Pawsomebox January 2018

What better way to start a new year than with a Pawesomebox!
Start this new year by treating your pooch to a selection of delicious treats, toys, accessories and much more!

Natural Nosh Chicken and Fish Rolls

With 100% pure chicken breast fillet meat

Camon De-shedding Glove

This glove mimics the touch of your hand !

Dr Dental Dental Chew

A delicious and long-lasting chewy treat for your favourite pup!

Cute Squeaky Ball

What an adorable squeaky ball!

Minty Fresh Rubber Ball

This minty ball is perfect for your dog's breath!

Pork Shop Mini Bones (7 Pcs)

Those mini bones will make your dog's mouth water like never before!

Snake Plush

This cuddly snake plush will be your dog’s favourite new toy!

Biozoo Dental Treats

These menthol treats are great for oral care!

100% Natural Pig Ear

Irresistible and completely natural !  

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