Pawsomebox July 2017

Teethy smiles begin with Pawsomebox
Have fun with your dog this summer with a box full of quality products!

Pawbakes Bakies

Bake your dog happy!

Deer Plush

Brings hours of joy and is suitable for all dogs!

Trxie Roller Pop

Keep your dog coming back for more with the intense bacon flavour!

Trixie Grilled Chicken Meat

Delicious grilled chicken meat is an ideal treat for your dog 

Mutt And Jeff Crunchy- Chicken Bites

Irresistable and low in calories!

Fire Hydrant Chew toy

Perfect for dogs that love to chew!

Nilaqua Towell-Off Pet Shampoo

No need for water or rinsing a dirty bath, just massage in and towell off!

Drumstick Plush

A tasty looking toy!

Rubber Animals

Great additions to the toy collection.

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