Pawsomebox May 2016

Summer is fast approaching!
It's nearly summer time and what better way to celebrate it than receiving May's box full of exciting goodies...did someone say chicken bites?? Mmm tasty!

Keep Calm and Have a Walk Collar

A stylish accessory for your pup!

Squeeky Pillow for Pups

A red, white and black squeaky pillow for pup!

Pup-popcorn Snack

The perfect way to reward your little companion.

Good Boy Chicken Bites

These Good Boy Chicken Bites Dog Treats are fabulous bite size treats for your p...

Semi-transparent Knobby Ball

A great way to keep your pup entertained!

A Burly Baton

A very hardy toy made by Burly in the form of a baton!

Chicken Leg Squeaky Toy

A fun toy to have lying around for your pup to play with.

Rubber Big Eyed Froggy Toy

This smiley little Big eyed froggy will always be full of joy and in a happy moo...

Cleansing Wipes by Biogance

Clean your dog gently and softly with these wipes by biogance which have been sl...

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