Pawsomebox November 2017

It may not be Christmas yet but your pooch still needs presents!
The November box has the perfect mix of goodies to keep your pooch going until Christmas, whatever the size of your pooch, his tail is sure to be wagging with joy when he opens this!

Biogance Clean Ears Lotion

Keep your dog's ears spick and span!

Teeth And Lips Soft Toy

A toy to put a smile on your pooche's face!

Squeeky Bikini Monkey

Bikini Monkey has arrived to brighten up your doggies day!

Lion Soft Toy

Soft to cuddle, fun to play!

Dog Fries

It's the moment your pooch has been waiting for, crisps for dogs! 

Duck'n Fish Slice

Your pooches mouth will water before the box is opened! 

Monkey Ball Stick Toy

Its not a ball, nor a stick, its a monkey ball stick! 

Chicken & Apple Snack Bar

Its meat but its sweet! 

BBQ Chicken Liver Sausages

Drool-producing BBQ sausages for your dog! 

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