Pawsomebox September 2017

The kids may have gone back to school but it is still play time for our dogs!
Yet again, this months box was full of of fun toys, treats and healthcare products for a fraction of the retail price.

Seatbelt Lead

Keep your dog secure in the car! 

Minty Fresh Chew Toy

Bye bye bad breath! 

Munchy Beef Bar

Your dogs mouth will be watering before the box reaches the door!

Duo Dog Brush

Keep your dogs teeth and paws spick and span! 

Trixie Roller Pop

Your dog will beg you for this! 

Dog Lolly Pop

The chupa chup for your pup! 

Crinkle Dog Toy

A physical and auditory sensation! 

Doughnut Chew Toy

Distract your dog from your dougnut! 

Biospotix Dermacare

Protect your dogs skin from irritation.

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