Size Guide


Extra small : less than 5kg

This size is ideal for the Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier and Coton de Tulear.


Small : between 5 and 10 kg
This size is ideal for the West Highland Terrier, Welsh Corgi and Kind Charles Spaniel. 


 Medium : between 10 and 25kg
This size is ideal for the Boxer, Border Collie and Spaniel. 


Large : more than 25kg
This size is perfect for the Labrador, American Staffordshire Terrier and Mastiff. 

A little piece of advice:

If you have a puppy, we advise you to put it on the size that it will be when it is an adult and to mention ‘Puppy’ in his profile, so he will receive products suited to his age and size! For example, a labrador « Puppy » will receive products suitable for his age (such as treats) but also its size (such as toys which are a little stronger). You will agree that a labrador puppy has different needs to a Chihuahua puppy ;) 
The update of your pet’s profile from ‘Puppy’ to ‘Adult’ is not automatic because we believe that you know your pup better than we do and so you are best able to judge when it reaches it’s adult size. The growth development of a dog depends on it’s breed, here are some landmarks to help you see more clearly : for small sizes, development is much faster and the puppy reaches his adult size towards 6-8 months ; for larger sizes, development will take much longer, up to 15 months. Also, please do not hesitate to ask your vet! 
We don’t always offer special « puppy » products in our box. But do not panic, when that is the case, we checked beforehand that the products offered were suitable to their needs. 
Do you have a very energetic and playful dog? We advise you to choose the size above so that your dog will receive sturdier and hard-wearing toys! For example, Jack Russels are known to be very energetic and Bulldogs are very strong, so please put them on the M rather than S. 
Each month we offer two types of toys : the first will be a solid toy (strings, bone, hard rubber) and the second will be a soft and more fragile toy. This type of toy (usually a cuddly or rubber toy) is very appreciated by dogs who love to tear up their toy as it relaxes them! We advise you to stay in his presence when your dog plays with it and once it has been ripped, simply remove the padding and the squeaker. Between this toy and the solid toy, your dog will not know which one to turn to!