4 Tips to Make Your Dog Happy

With your puppy things are not much different. Some basic care added to love and attention will make your puppy the happiest animal in the world!

Here are 4 tips to bring total happiness to your dog:

Satisfy Hunger And Thirst With Quality

To be healthy and willing, dogs need good quality food that is appropriate for their size and stage of life. Puppies, especially, require meals that help them grow healthily.

It is also important that your dog likes the food that he is given. Try offering wet foods (those that are more doughy) and dry foods (traditional dog foods) for a change. Just like us humans, dogs also like to vary their menu.

Look for foods full of nutrients and recommended by experts. Dogs are carnivorous animals and their body needs proteins and substances found in meat. However, be careful when feeding your dog with leftovers.

Never give him bird bones, at the risk of small parts coming loose and your dog choking. On the other hand, bones from large animals are safer. When in doubt, ask the veterinarian. He can tell you what is healthy or not for your dog.

Another piece of advice: if you feed your dog with leftovers coming straight from the human table, besides not providing him with the necessary nutrients, you will be getting him used to asking for food for you, your family and visitors.

Besides food, it is equally important to offer fresh, clean water to your pet. There are people who forget their dogs’ water in the dish for days and days, letting dirt and grease accumulate (which comes from the animal’s mouth after it has eaten). This habit is very harmful, because it can bring diseases and bad smell.

Change the water every day and sanitize the bowl after each change. Pay attention also not to leave your pet without water, especially on hot days.

An Educated Dog Is A Happy Dog

Did you know that children who are taught and told what to do within a routine are happier? This is because by doing so, parents send the message that they are attentive to their needs, as well as preparing them to be more lovable people in social life.

The same is true for your dog. Polite puppies get more attention from visitors. Unfortunately, behavioral problems are one of the biggest reasons for abandonment of animals.

So be responsible for your dog’s good manners: teach him from a young age basic commands such as “no”, “together”, “sit”, etc. This way, you will know how to calm him down when he demonstrates unwanted attitudes.

The limits must be reinforced on a daily basis and not only when there are visitors. If necessary, resort to experts in canine training. Training is very useful in all cases, especially when adopting dogs that are already adults and breeds that are very active or stubborn.

Agree with the other members of the family on the limits so that the dog does not have a confusing orientation. It is also important to have a leader. In fact, many breeds tend to elect their official leader.

Do not use physical punishment. Hitting is not necessary when the dog receives constant commands. Physical punishment makes the dog sad and can even make him aggressive. Be calm and attentive at all times.

Having a Fun Life

All dogs deserve to have fun. Whether your pet is a guard dog or of a more reserved breed, he will also enjoy going for walks and playing games.

Playing catch with objects such as balls and Frisbees in the open air is a great way to get your dog to exercise, expend energy, and be in a good mood.

Walks are necessary on a daily basis. Besides the habit of letting the animal do its needs, it can breathe fresh air, socialize with other people and feel very loved.

Don’t forget, in this case, to take a small bag to collect and throw away his waste, in case he does it.

Another game that puppies like to play is hide-and-seek with treats. As the dog is a sniffing and hunting animal, this kind of game will remind him of his historical functions and stimulate his energy.

A Clean Dog Is Happier

Frequent and adequate baths for the breed are very important. In addition, brushing the dog’s teeth is also a basic hygiene care. These measures prevent diseases and tooth loss, besides, of course, bad odor. Everyone likes to pay more attention to a smelly pet.

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